Mia Isabella Featured in Broadly Profile

NEW YORK — Mia Isabella is featured in Broadly, the Vice.com website aimed at women, in a new Diana Tourjee piece titled “Beyond the Tyga Sex Scandal: The Real Life of Trans Porn Star Mia Isabella,” which discusses her life from childhood to present and addresses Mia being the subject of tabloid fodder.  

Tourjee said, “When this story broke last year, my first memory of Mia resurfaced. It was an image of her nude body that I'd stumbled upon many years ago. I remember Mia's breasts were swollen in the photo above an upwardly angled phallus. Black sheets of straight hair fell over tan and ageless skin. She looked like she'd been pulled from Greek mythology. I was on the cusp of my own transition from male to female, and her image had a profound effect on me. It was this photo of Mia that made me realize that it's possible to change your sex.”

Isabella said that she was raised in a supportive environment and found both professional and personal acceptance from a young age; as a result, Isabella said, she feels she was isolated from the discrimination trans people commonly experience in the United States. Reading the hateful comments people posted online at the height of the Tyga scandal, Isabella said, forced her to confront that reality for the first time.  

Isabella said, "It hurt me, because I realized I had never truly experienced what other trans people go through.” 

Tourjee’s article can be found online at Broadly.Vice.com.