Coinsnap Promoting Bitcoin at European Summit

NIJMEGEN, Netherlands — Dutch Bitcoin payment provider Coinsnap will be promoting Bitcoin as a payment option at the European Summit, to be held in Sitges, Spain near Barcelona from Feb. 29-Mar. 3.

Coinsnap will hold a Mar. 3 discussion during the conference titled “Bitcoin As a Payout Tool for Operators and Affiliate Programs,” which will outline the cryptocurrency’s advantages.

Coinsnap CEO Stephan Wetzmueller said that webmasters, affiliates and others in the online adult industry “should not miss the European Summit — Europe’s leading gathering of adult industry representatives — in Sitges, where Dutch Bitcoin payment provider Coinsnap will promote Bitcoin as a payout method. Bitcoin payouts provide a completely new way of optimizing payout processes, offering substantial advantages over the more traditional payment methods such as check, wire transfer or third-party providers.”

Wetzmueller and Coinsnap Co-Founder Jens Leinert will be on hand during the European Summit to answer any Bitcoin-related questions.

Wetzmueller said, “First of all, Bitcoin, due to the low transaction costs, significantly reduces the cost of payouts for the operator as well as eliminating losses resulting from international money transaction fees for the receivers of the payouts — which gives the operator a notable competitive edge. Secondly, thanks to the streamlined dashboard and the intelligent API we provide our clients with, Bitcoin payouts reduce administrative overheads by saving operators a lot of time currently spent on just handling their payouts.”

Wetzmueller said that Bitcoin facilitates international transactions. 

“Bitcoin payouts enable adult operators to satisfy their affiliates with instant payments of any size, small or large amounts as needed, to literally any place on the globe with no fees deducted,” Wetzmueller said. “Also, with our integrated dashboard and the Coinsnap API, payouts can now not only be transacted within minutes — it is also possible to handle mass payouts to large groups of receivers in a swift process that saves a lot of handling time.”