Bizarre Video Distributes Four New Penthouse Titles

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Bizarre Video has announced that it is distributing four newly released titles from Penthouse Films: “Sinister Vixens,” “School Girls with Attitude,” “Sex Academy: Fantasy and Role Play” and “Twin Flames.” 

Bizarre Video, describing “Sinister Vixens,” said, “Get wrapped up or tied up in this deviant new film by Penthouse, with their positively ‘Sinister Vixens.’ It’s their way or the highway.”\ 

“School Girls with Attitude” focuses on college coed fantasies. Bizarre Video said, “All aboard the hottest bus in town — these super sexy, young coeds are tired of their uniform and have an ultimate, sex-driven rebellious attitude. But instead of burning their books, they’re wanting to spread their legs.”

Describing “Sex Academy: Fantasy and Role Play,” Bizarre Video said, “Discover how to explore your sex fantasies through role-playing with sexperts of the year, and let them personally guide you through live demonstrations with real couples performing dress up and striptease and creating sensual anticipations.”

Bizarre Video said of “Twin Flames,” “This double-take is going to turn into a triple like you’ve never seen. Penthouse is seducing you with twin magic, and all you have to do is take it like you mean it. Multiple scenes of sex-crazed whores bending, sucking, and spreading their way into your heart. And you thought Valentines only came once a year? Get ready to fall in love with twice the fun.”