Layla Sin Featured in Penthouse Germany

LOS ANGELES — Layla Sin is the subject of a new three-page article in Penthouse Magazine Germany.

The Israel-born Sin, who was the 2015 Penthouse Pet of the Year, is now a contract performer for Penthouse.

Sin has been busy shooting for Penthouse. Her most recent production is “Naughty Maids,” directed by Stuart Canterbury.

Sin, who is featured on the cover of “Naughty Maids,” said, “The maid setup is such a classic, and it’s always fun to dress up. Stuart is a great director, and I think it turned out amazing. It’s kind of like how I clean in real life: if I’m dusting and have the opportunity to have sex, the dusting will have to wait.” 

Sin is currently working on a some new Penthouse films, including “Little Liars” (directed by Ben Hoffman) and two more titles directed by Canterbury: “Lesbians at Work” and “Hotel D’Amour.”

The Penthouse Germany issue featuring Layla is on the stands now.