Dallas Novelty Discussing 'Womanizer' on Ham Radio

DALLAS — Dallas Novelty will be appearing on Ham Radio to discuss the Womanizer, this Tues., Feb. 23 at 11 a.m. EST. 

Ham Radio is a podcast presented by PlanetPlatypus.com. 

Nick Mahler, director of sales and purchasing for Dallas Novelty, will discuss the Womanizer’s uses for women who are disabled or have limited mobility. 

“The Womanizer works for women who have limited mobility due to a disease like FOP or chronic arthritis,” Mahler said. “With the sensual stimulator, there is no endless thrusting of a vibrator or holding onto a hand-numbing, wand massager. The Womanizer literally sits on top of your clit to work its magic, and it could even work wearing loose pants. We are working on having some of our disabled reviewers give this new technology a go to see how it works for them and their disability. Since there are two models available now, there is one that will fit your body type or build better than the other. The W100 is slimmer with the buttons on the underneath, and the W500 — a more deluxe model — is wider and shorter with the buttons on the outside, which can make it easier to use. With the Womanizer, you get two replaceable silicone tips as well as a discreet carrying case and the handy USB charge cable.”

In addition to describing the Womanizer, Mahler will be discussing other pleasure products that can be used by disabled men and women.

Mahler launched Dallas Novelty in 2003. 

“I am so humbled that the top adult business publications have recognized us for our hard work and dedication to offering the best pleasure products available and the best service,” Mahler said. “We aren’t just some site that puts up a data feed and has someone drop ship for us. Every product that we offer is handpicked, and we enter all the info and descriptions ourselves. In addition, we offer a lot of smaller specialty items that do not sell through distributors. So our customers can find that special item that may not be available on other sites.”