ExoticSensualPleasures.com Makes February Debut

LOS ANGELES — February marked the debut of ExoticSensualPleasures.com, a new resource for sex toys and pleasure products. 

ExoticSensualPleasures.com is both an e-commerce site and an educational site.

In addition to selling lubricants, dildos, cock rings, sexy attire and many other items, ExoticSensualPleasures.com offers educational resources that include the Pillow Talk Blog and the Mental Afterglow page. 

Nyx Seline, a blogger for Pillow Talk, said, “We want this website to be more than just another site offering sex toys. ESP is a resource for adults to explore, understand and improve their sexual selves on all levels.”

Memphis-based Savannah Ridgell said, “I think ESP is an awesome site, and I love the Mental Afterglow page, where I can find books, articles and other helpful information related to sexuality.”