TommyO's Photography Featured in February Penthouse

LOS ANGELES — TommyO’s fetish-themed photography can be seen in the special Valentine’s issue of Penthouse Magazine.

Penthouse Magazine asked TommyO to create a “Valentine's Fetish”-themed shoot for the February issue, featuring Darcie Dolce as the Penthouse Pet of the Month and cover girl.

Tommy O said, “I approached it as if our model had a fetish for Valentine's Day itself, which meant not only red spike heels and thigh-high boots, but heart-shaped crops, specially designed heart-themed latex apparel by Syren and Jane Doe, and heart-shaped earrings, necklaces, sunglasses, and rings.”

The shoot took place on an estate in the Hollywood Hills, where Dolce was in a number of romantically themed poses — sometimes with a definite edge, including tied naked with bright red bondage tape, wearing only red spike heel thigh-high boots. In another pose, Dolce was seen undressing in the shower with a custom-made Syren latex dress decorated with candy heart- themed appliques.

The centerfold featured Dolce wrapped in red latex bows in a Jane Doe-designed lingerie set.

A final scene was a simple, pure white bedroom, with Dolce’s bright red lips and a single rose as the only splashes of color.

TommyO said, “To me, that was the more pure, somewhat innocent Valentine Fetish since it was all about the essence and simplicity of romance.”

A release party was held last week at the Globe Theater in Downtown Los Angeles and was covered by Sam Phillips for Penthouse TV. Many other Penthouse Pets were in attendance, including January's Penthouse Pet Christiana Cinn.