Rock On Launches 'Metal Rock' Pills for Men

Rock On Launches 'Metal Rock' Pills for Men
Ariana Rodriguez

LOS ANGELES — Rock On, a popular single-dose sexual enhancement supplement for men is back with a new brand name, new look, formula and display sizes.

“Metal Rock” for men is being introduced as the newest addition of the expanding Rock On family of products since being acquired by Rock’n Products four months ago. The company says the new male enhancement pill is intended to provide an effective natural sexual enhancer to retailers and consumers from a trusted, award-winning brand.

“We chose to re-brand Rock On male sexual vitality supplements with new formula and a brand name that can excite the consumers and retailers,” Rock On President Keith Caggiano said. “The response has been overwhelming — ‘ ‘Metal Rock’ really resonates with customers that are looking for more performance in the bedroom.”

Caggiano continued, “Men want to be revved up, and ready to rock hard, and that is the spirit of Rock On Metal Rock.”

The Rock On line provides a cohesive couples line with premium packaging and presentation that the company says gives retailers confidence to present it for sale versus the alternative of ever-changing products in the category.

New Rock On-Metal Rock Male Enhancement features a specially formulated blend of natural herbs and ingredients to help inspire sexual desire, libido and optimal performance as well as support the body’s natural ability to promote blood flow to that critical area. The pill takes one hour to take effect.

Rock On Metal Rock Sexual Enhancement for Him is made with a proprietary collection of natural herbs in one single-dose pill. The new men’s and women’s “sexual vitality” formulas now contain electrolytes, essential vitamins, and energy lifting ingredients.

The new Rock On Metal Rock features a premium feel in a sleek black card with dynamic metallic Rock On winged logo and comes in retail friendly 12-packs to optimize sales and maximize space.

The latest addition follows the company’s new “Rock Life — mind, body and spirit” mantra. The new Rock Life range offers products for brain supplementation, weight loss, hangover support and muscle building supplements. The range comes in sleek all-black bottles with the new Rock On “Horn Hand” logo brightly color-coded for each need. Rock Life says it takes a no-nonsense approach to holistic wellness with products that are clearly labeled according to their purpose.

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