UVU Recommends Sex Toys for Building Stamina

LONDON — UVUPerformance.com has published a new article offering men tips on using sex toys to build sexual stamina.

The article is titled “Fleshlight Review: Build Stamina and Enjoy Doing It.”

UVUPerformance.com, published in London, has described itself as “a website committed to helping men achieve sexual mastery and overcome any limitations that stand in the way.”

A spokesperson for UVUPerformance.com said, “The article we have written is as full, frank and comprehensive as possible and includes real detail on how people can take active steps to improve their stamina and impulse control using the device so that when they are faced with the real thing, they don’t get overexcited too quickly. The article is just one of many on our site, which includes information on how to overcome erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and lack of interest in sex for men. This latest technique, using the Fleshlight to habituate the penis to simulated full body contact, is the best method we’ve found for getting stamina under control.” 

UVUPerformance.com has been online since 2012.