XBIZ to Periscope Thursday's Cal/OSHA Hearing

XBIZ to Periscope Thursday's Cal/OSHA Hearing
Rhett Pardon

OAKLAND, Calif. — @XBIZ will broadcast Thursday’s Cal/OSHA standards board meeting live on Periscope.

The 10 a.m. meeting, which will be held at the Harris State Building in Oakland, Calif., could seal the direction of proposed California Code of Regulations Title 8 § 5193.1, which comprises an update to worker safety laws for adult performers and production staff.

The proposed update would require condoms for all penetrative sex, including oral, as well as dental dams and goggles, when shooting adult films.

The Free Speech Coalition’s executive director, Eric Paul Leue, said he has a message for Cal/OSHA standards board members — “Vote no on this regulation.”

“The division has failed to work with actual workers of this industry,” Leue told XBIZ. “This regulation is based in moral-prejudice and social bias against the workers of this industry.”

One of the big fears, the FSC has noted since the proposal was introduced, is that mandatory condom regulations could lead filmmakers to abandon the current testing system altogether, or encourage other productions to go underground, without testing or condoms.

“What the division created will endanger the lives and livelihood of workers, not better protect them,” Leue said.

The FSC is requesting that adult producers refrain from shooting on Thursday so that large numbers of performers may be free to attend and testify.

Periscope is available for iOS and Android mobile devices.