Kama Sutra Returns to Eropartner Distribution

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands —  The luxury products brand Kama Sutra has returned to Eropartner Distribution.

Netherlands-based Eropartner, a leading pleasure products distributor in Europe, has added all Kama Sutra products, including the Prelude to Love Collection, the Sensual Spa & Massage Collection, the Intimacy & Performance Collection and the Gift Sets & Travel Kits Collection.  

Kama Sutra’s Prelude Collection offers items for sexual foreplay, including the Pleasure balm, the Oil of Love and the Honey Dust body powder. 

The Sensual Spa & Massage Collection offers various body care products, including the bath salt Treasures of the Sea, massage candles in different fragrances, and the bestseller Strawberry Dreams.

Kama Sutra also offers travel products, including the Weekender Kit, the Getaway Kit and the Lovers Travel Kit. 

Mischa Heins, account manager for Eropartner Distribution, said, “Kama Sutra has been one of the top brands that our customers have been asking for to order from us. So we are excited to start introducing our customers to the product line. The Kama Sutra Collection has everything a retailer and end-consumer can ask for when it comes to luxury romance products.”