Madison Leigh Appears on SDR Show

NEW YORK — The SDR Show, hosted by comedian Big Jay Oakerson and radio personality Ralph Sutton, welcomed MILF performer Madison Leigh to their studio this past week. 

Sutton said, “A super sweet, fun chick and MILF, Madison Leigh came by the studio this week. This was an interesting episode, as a friend of mine came to hang out in the studio again. Last week, the show led to a box-eating contest. This week, Big Jay’s girlfriend Christine sees a male model hog, which goes to prove my theory: you never know what kind of genitalia you are going to see on an SDR show. Madison Leigh took everything in stride and was a super cool guest.”

SDR stands for “Sex, Drugs and Rock N’ Roll.” The podcast focuses heavily on mainstream entertainment but has also welcomed Jade Vixen, Lisa Ann and other adult stars.

To hear the full interview with Leigh, click here