Entrenue Named Among Exclusive Distributors of Womanizer

PHOENIX, Ariz. — Entrenue has been selected as one of three U.S. distributors for the Womanizer, a sex toy that provides clitoral stimulation one-of-a-kind stimulation technique that offers a suction-like sensation.

With both an original and new Pro model, the Womanizer is ready to ship throughout the country courtesy of Entrenue. The Womanizer delivers a new form of pleasure via a soft silicone head that  massages and suckles the clitoris.

Using air pulse technology, the Womanizer can successfully arouse female users in seconds and bring them to orgasm, the company says, as well as circumvent vibration fatigue.

“The Womanizer has blown everyone’s minds because it’s the only device on the market that can bring intense orgasmic pleasure to women of so many different intimate preferences and experience levels,” Entrenue President Joe Casella said. “The Womanizer has introduced an entirely new way to stimulate one of women’s most sensitive erogenous zones with no vibration required and has set a new standard for sex toy innovation. Stocking the Womanizer was a no-brainer, and it’s an honor to have been chosen as one of only three U.S. distributors to bring it to market."

New to the industry is the Womanizer Pro, an updated version of the original design. The enhanced unit features eight intensity levels — a wider spectrum than the original — new swivel switch controls for easy maneuvering, and two interchangeable silicone heads that accommodate clitorises of all shapes and sizes comfortably. The design team also incorporated new ergonomic design elements, as well, and offers a special limited edition Red Roses unit designed for Valentine’s Day and romantic holiday season sales.

With minimum order, Entrenue also provides a POP tester display that can be mounted on any slatwall, shelf or tabletop.