Amateur Allure Launches

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Ray Dark and Thomas, the team behind Amateur Allure, have launched new membership website

“I love sci-fi and Japanese porn, and Thomas and I are huge Stanley Kubrick fans,” Dark said. “When we were originally kicking around ideas, the L.A. County Art Museum was running this awesome Kubrick exhibit. Later that summer, we produced a mainstream sci-fi pilot called ‘Cowboys and Engines,’ and we got to work with the great Malcolm McDowell. Those experiences got us thinking: if Kubrick were to direct a porn site, what might it look like?”

Thomas said, “With Amateur Allure, we have always had our imitators. I like to stay ahead of the curve. I think we have managed to achieve that with Swallow Salon.” offers more than 40 original scenes, with new updates added every week.

Dark said, “We decided to take Swallow Salon in a more artistic direction. We wanted to create something that looked and felt unique. The image is very magical and dreamlike. It’s what gives Swallow Salon its signature look.” 

Swallow Salon has been receiving positive feedback so far.

“People are digging it,” Dark said. “We’re already getting strange requests from our members. Girls have been hitting me up, saying they've been seeing all this beautiful new content coming from us and they want to be a part of it. I think the models that I’ve shot really enjoy being a part of something this unique and cool. It’s really exciting.”

A 30-day subscription to costs $24.95. Amateur Allure members can join for $16.