Shots Expands S-Line Dolls Collection

Shots Expands S-Line Dolls Collection
Ariana Rodriguez

SANTA CLARITA, Calif. — Shots has expanded its S-Line Dolls collection with 15 new additions.

The company says that 10 of the new dolls are designed similarly as its existing dolls, with oral, vaginal or anal entries.

Shots has also released a whole new concept called 3D Dolls. The five new models come with additional features. With their realistically designed faces and breasts, they also feature a sleeve that can be used for vaginal or anal insertion in a comfortable way. They also include a multi-speed vibrating bullet that has “moaning sounds” for extra life-like stimulation.

The packaging of the dolls has also been improved with two separate viewing windows. One will show the breasts area and the other shows the unique face of each doll. The company says the new packaging allows the consumer to see exactly what he is buying.

“These beautiful and willing women will be irresistible for any hot-blooded man,” the company says.

The complete lineup is now in stock at Shots Europe and Shots America.