SkyPrivate Launches SkyPrivate PRO

SAN FRANCISCO — SkyPrivate, the only webcam platform that uses Skype, has launched SkyPrivate PRO. 

Alex Bluck Negru, founder and CEO of SkyPrivate, said: “We just completed our beta period, and it has gone incredibly well. SkyPrivate PRO is being adopted by many companies in the industry already, and we’ve just gotten started.”

SkyPrivate PRO is the only cam technology platform that has no up-front cost to operate.  

“SkyPrivate PRO is perfect for anyone with either models or traffic, whether it be a current white label or regular cam site, a paysite, a tube site, or someone with a cam studio," Negru said. "Any company can make more money using SkyPrivate PRO.”

For a free demo of SkyPrivate PRO, visit