Sex Talk About Launches Candle Boutique

VANCOUVER, Canada — Sex Talk About has launched its erotic candle e-boutique. 

The e-boutique’s best known item is the Wax Play Candle, commonly used in BDSM.

“Here at Sex Talk About, we review a wide range of sensual products and noticed there was a shortage of quality wax play candles in the market,” said Juliana W., founder of Sex Talk About. “Therefore, we decided to create our signature candle. It is soy-based, paraffin-free, has a safe drip temperature and is incredibly easy to remove from skin.”   

In addition to the Wax Play Candle, Sex Talk About offers its Erotic Massage Candle. 

Juliana said, “Our Massage Candle is made with a mix of nourishing ingredients that keep moisture in the skin for a long period of time. The oil will not dry up after a couple of massaging strokes.”

All Sex Talk About products are made in-house with natural ingredients. 

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