Cupid Boutique Unveils Valentine's Day Catalogue

TORONTO — Cupid Boutique has unveiled its digital catalogue for Feburary in time for Valentine’s Day.

An online retailer specializing in pleasure products, Cupid Boutique has discounted over 5000 products in its inventory.

Joanna, business development manager for Cupid Boutique said, “The digital catalogue has been consolidated with a lot of factors in mind. Valentine’s Day spurs a surge of gift buying every year, and going by the numbers in the last few shopping festivals, people are going to look for more personal gifts over chocolates and flowers this year. Our sales data shows that people prefer chocolates in a non-conventional form, like candy underwear or flavored edible lubes that add to the fun during private moments.” 

A variety of products are being offered. “We have included products which have sold well over the last few months, and new additions have also been made to add variety to our inventory,” Joanna said. “The catalogue is an eclectic mix of best sellers and new entrants and has been thoughtfully designed to cater to the needs of both men and women. From exotic glass dildos and rabbit vibrators to the new kid on the block, the Twerking Butt, the options are wide and extensive.” 

Joanna said that “all products are discounted by an extra 30 percent, over and above the usual shave-offs. This gives our products a price advantage over other retailers.”

With more than 15,000 products in its inventory, Cupid Boutique is one of Canada’s largest online retailers for pleasure products. 

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