Launches Website Redesign

TORONTO — The Canadian interracial amateur site is celebrating its 14th anniversary with a redesign.

“It’s been a fun and crazy ride for the last 14 years,” said Markus Blaque, co-owner of “Who would have thought we would (have made) it this far? Our members have been very loyal and passionate over the years. So why not keep the party rolling with fresh content, live streaming, a new photography series and member-only erotic parties?” 

The new design will include access to content from Black Bachelor’s smaller interracial fetish sites, and, which features exclusive hardcore interracial BDSM content. 

"Our webmaster program is currently being overhauled with fresh new material for affiliates to earn 60% per signup, along with lifetime recurring billing,” Blaque said. “We are excited about 2016. There is a lot of fresh new talent to be showcased within our network this year. We are hoping to have a 12-month celebration to bring in 2017. It can happen, so why not with us?”

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