WOWCash Launches WOWmagazine

LOS ANGELES — The affiliate program WOWCash has announced the debut of its flagship glamor adult website, WOWmagazine, which will include erotic pictorials as well as video.

WOWCash spokesman JD said, “Our intention was simple: to transition the fully curated experience fans loved during the magazine era of erotica to a digitally focused approach that provides the simplicity of a modern website without sacrificing a single pixel of image quality. Obviously, the key here is the execution of that plan, and after many months in development, we are proud of the website we have created for fans. Perhaps even more importantly for our affiliates, the early soft launch results are exceeding the expectations of glamour fans globally.”

WOWmagazine’s features include a fully responsive mobile design, extensive model biographies, behind-the-scenes content and an abundance of interviews with models.

“We look forward to working with our existing webmaster affiliates and new traffic partners to expand our brand and amplify the early success of our new flagship website,” JD said. “Our NATS backend, promo materials and willingness to work with webmasters on custom marketing methods make us an easy choice for long-time veterans of the adult industry and brand new participants alike.”

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