Pico Bong Releases Power Up Series

Pico Bong Releases Power Up Series
Ariana Rodriguez

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Pico Bong has introduced the Power Up Series, featuring the Tano,Ipo, Kiki, Mahana and Honi massagers with double the power.

“While still just as petite and discreet (all these pint-size powerhouses max out at 50 dB ? about the same as a whisper) we improved the motor for more a intense experience whether you’re using them for internal or external stimulation (or both),” the company said.

Each vibe offers 12 vibration patterns.

The Honi 2 is a bullet-shaped vibe with a retrieval string. According to the company, the vibe is designed for people who like focused or broad external stimulation or G-Spot stimulation, as well as those who like using sex toys in public.

The Ipo 2 is a bullet-shaped slip-on finger vibe.

IPO 2 puts pure pleasure at your finger tips during solo or partnered play,” the company said. “You can tease external erogenous zones like the clitoris or perineum with IPO 2’s smooth curves and 12 vibration patterns, and the discreet, waterproof design make for intense pleasure that’s handy to take with you wherever you go!”

The Tano 2 is a vibrating butt plug with a handle base. The company says Tano 2 is “perfect for beginners and more experienced pleasure-seekers alike, its angled design provides intense prostate massage while the flared base and handle offers total piece of mind.”

Kiki 2 is a mini vibrator with a sculpted flat tip. “Just four inches (10 cm) long, KIKI 2 may be a pocket-sized vibe, but it’s designed to pack a big punch,” the company said. “With a gentle curve and flattened tip, it’s perfect for precise clitoral stimulation and has strength to spare when delighting all other external erogenous zones.”

The Mahana 2 is a duo-vibe with two vibrating arms. “You can choose to make each arm vibe in sync or independently from each other, so no need to choose from an innie or an outtie vibe; MAHANA 2 can give you the best of both worlds.”