Gia Nova Featured on

LOS ANGELES — Images of burlesque model/performer Gia Nova are being featured on, the online edition of the popular science fiction and fantasy comics magazine Heavy Metal. 

Heavy Metal wrote, “We found these Boris Vallejo/Heavy Metal-themed pictures of model and performer Gia Nova too good not to share. We also took a little time to get some insight on the inspiration and process from the lady herself.”

Nova said, “These images were created in collaboration with SGH Photo Art, (which) does wonderful work and focuses a lot on superheroes and cosplay. I wanted to do something in the vein of the images I love — artists such as Boris Vallejo, Frank Frazetta and Olivia de Berardinis. I think it came together better than expected.” 

Heavy Metal is known primarily for its blend of dark fantasy, science fiction and erotica.

"I grew up loving fantasy art work, movies and Heavy Metal,” Nova said. “The imagery is certainly some of what influenced me as a performer, artist and person. Working with SGH Photo Art is always fun, but I think the mind meld on this project was exceptional.” 

To view images of Nova, visit this link.