Exsens Reports Success at 2016 XBIZ Retail Retreat

Exsens Reports Success at 2016 XBIZ Retail Retreat
Stephen Yagielowicz

LOS ANGELES — Wrapping up another successful XBIZ Retreat, Exsens has been busy sending post-show swag bags, filling purchase orders, following up with new connections that were made at the show and reconnecting with its established relationships.

Of the new products that were unveiled at the show, Exsens says that its Crystal Collection and flavored Arousal Gels were well received.

“The Crystal Collection is popular for its organic qualities and semi-precious crystals, which bring properties to the oil like harmony, sensuality and relaxation,” Exsens’ Krystal Medeiros says. “Buyers commented on the amazing scents of these oils and how perfect they are for daily moisturizing.”

The Crystal Collection is now available.

Exsens’ flavored Arousal Gels were also well received and are scheduled to be released in early Spring.

“Buyers were excited about the deliciously unique flavors of the arousal gels and the stimulation effects they felt on their tongue,” Medeiros explained. “Exsens’ flavored arousal gels were the company’s premier products featured in their show swag bag so that buyers could experience the arousal part on their own time.”

Medeiros says that many attendees have commented on the exquisite sensations that the Arousal Gels (and other Exsens products) bring and are looking forward to their release.

“Exsens would also like to take this time to congratulate all of the XBIZ Award and XBIZ Exec Award winners for their accomplishments in 2015,” Medeiros concludes. “May we all have a lucrative 2016!”

For more information and samples, contact Krystal Medeiros at exsens@technic.com or (401) 781-6100 ext. 1762.