Shelley Lubben's Pink Cross Foundation Shuts Down

Shelley Lubben's Pink Cross Foundation Shuts Down
Rhett Pardon

SPRINGVILLE, Calif. — Shelley Lubben, the former porn star who later founded the Pink Cross Foundation, which provided education about and campaigned against the secondary negative effects of pornography, has closed the nonprofit faith-based charity.

Lubben, who founded the Pink Cross Foundation in 2008 after three years previously reaching out to the sex industry advocating against pornography, said in a YouTube video that she was closing down the IRS-approved 501(c)(3) public charity and that its website already has been removed from the Internet.

“After 11 years of doing this, I am porn’d out,” said Lubben, who spent eight years in adult entertainment, as well as prostitution, before reaching out to those struggling with their occupations in pornography.

Lubben did not disclose any further details over shutting down Pink Cross.

Through the years, Pink Cross solicited nearly $800,000 in donations to support its online support forum for individuals seeking recovery from pornography addiction and prostitution.

The organization also offered financial support to those who purportedly were victims of the secondary effects of porn.

The group, operated mostly by she and her husband as well as four board members, got out its anti-porn message online, as well as through numerous adult entertainment consumer conventions where it would educate porn fans about negative aspects of pornography.

According to its U.S. income tax return for 2014, the latest filing year publicly available, Pink Cross had $129,000 in revenue, as well as $128,000 in service expenses. Lubben, herself, drew $4,400 in compensation in 2014.

In the past five years, through fiscal year 2014, Pink Cross had total contributions of $762,000.

Luben in the YouTube video posted over the weekend by said that she will continue to operate her personal site,

“There still will be ex-porn star stories so you can get help,” she said. “[But now] it is my turn to enjoy life.”