Q&A: XBIZ Best New Starlet Abella Danger Discusses Rise to Fame

Q&A: XBIZ Best New Starlet Abella Danger Discusses Rise to Fame
Alejandro Freixes

LOS ANGELES — From ballet to Bang Bros., Abella Danger has risen to porn stardom with smoldering finesse. Following her summertime debut in 2014, Danger bade farewell to her tropical hometown in Miami, leaving the Sunshine State to seek fortune and fame in the Golden State.

She hit the ground running in Porn Valley, becoming a Spiegler Girl in short order and carving out a career that spans major studios like Evil Angel, Kink, Blacked and Brazzers. In just one year, Danger was named brand ambassador for Airerose Entertainment, where she starred in her first showcase “All Access Abella Danger.”

Hot on the heels of being named 2016 XBIZ Best New Starlet, Danger talked with XBIZ about her whirlwind year and future plans. 

XBIZ: Now that you’ve firmly rooted your porn career in L.A., do you miss Miami at all or are you definitely a SoCal girl?

Danger: I miss Miami every single day. My heart is there because my family is. I just understand that in this chapter of my life, I belong in L.A. Thankfully, it's only a flight away. 

XBIZ: What led you to become an Airerose brand ambassador?

Danger: I am the only current Airerose brand ambassador, I honestly can't tell you entirely why for sure. That's more of a question for the V.P. Adam Hasner, but I think it had something to do with the passion I have with my work and wanting to see it do as well as possible. I love promoting, making sure everyone sees it. I think I was a proper fit because they knew I would do my best in representing Airerose and promoting their latest releases. 

XBIZ: What was it like filming your first star showcase, “All Access Abella Danger,” for Airerose?

Danger: Filming my "All Access" movie was a huge turn for me as a performer, I couldn't even believe out of all the girls they chose me. I really wanted to make them proud. I put my heart and my holes into it. I used any bit of creativity I was allowed to have to make it stand out. "All Access" is a showcase like no other. An in-depth look into my life. I loved shooting it so much I wish I could do it again. 

XBIZ: Are there any mentors who have influenced you strongly over the past year?

Danger: Well, of course. So many I'd hate to forget anyone. Spiegler, of course. Phoenix Marie and Nikki Benz have been my role models for sure. I really also appreciate directors that taught me to believe in myself and many other things. Greg Lansky, god I love him. Along with Pat Myne, John Stagliano, Mason and William H. — they really helped me realize my full potential this year.  

XBIZ: What are some of the highlights and challenges from this past year?

Danger: Becoming a Spiegler girl, getting my "All Access" showcase, becoming Airerose brand ambassador, taking John Stagliano’s job as Evil Angel CEO and demoting him to my personal butt holder. Challenges, hmm I don't know, I mean I just had total tunnel vision. I did what I needed to do, Spiegler made sure of it. Which I guess brings me to my challenge — growing up so early, having so much responsibility from one day to the other. Having people expect the maturity of a 30-year-old to come from a 19-year-old. That was my biggest challenge. Thankfully, I have Spiegler to make sure I only continue growing because I'm still a little brat sometimes. 

XBIZ: Besides your most obvious skills, what other talents do you feel that you bring to a set?

Danger: I don't really know, maybe my passion for everything I have to do on set. From shooting intros, pretty girls, sex… I love every single minute of it. The paycheck is the last thing on my mind. 

XBIZ: You arguably gave the most heartfelt speech in the history of the XBIZ Awards. What was your initial reaction when you heard your name?

Danger: Well, it definitely came from my heart. When I first heard my name I was just so happy, I felt like I was dreaming. I couldn't believe my name was called. To hear it out loud like that you know, “the Best New Starlet is Abella Danger,” it was just surreal. So incredible. 

XBIZ: How has winning Best New Starlet affected you on a personal, and a professional level?

Danger: Well, I can definitely say I have some method to my madness, hahaha. Seriously, I'm so crazy anal about how I go about my work and close friends would sometimes just tell me to relax, it's not a big deal but now after winning what I wanted, I can say I trust my gut instincts and way of being more than ever now. 

XBIZ: What do you hope to achieve this year?

This year, I definitely want to shoot a second showcase movie. I want to also direct my first movie. 

XBIZ: What are your long-term aspirations?

Danger: I want to always be in the adult industry. I want to be a “once performer, now director.” Of course, with sources of income including commercial real estate, but adult is my main passion. My passion, period.