Wicked Sensual Care 'Awakens' Female Orgasms

LOS ANGELES — Wicked Sensual Care has announced the introduction of Awaken, a new stimulating clitoral massaging gel that will be available in stores and online in time for Valentine’s Day.

Created to heighten sensitivity and enhance libido, Awaken is an herbal blend of botanicals and aphrodisiacs designed to stimulate and enhance the sexual experience, with or without a partner.

Officially launched at the Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo (ANME), which ran from January 11-12 in Burbank, Calif., Awaken is the newest addition to Wicked Sensual Care’s line of lubricants and personal care products.

“We wanted to create a product with great sensation but that was not too intense. The goal was for Awaken to actually help to build and enhance libido and increase desire, not just in the moment but going forward as well,” said Carrie Smith, Wicked Sensual Care’s Head of Product Development. “We also decided to make it a massage gel, so the texture had to be perfect. This little difference adds so much to the overall effect of Awaken. Psychologically it gives women (or their partners) ‘permission’ to go ahead and give a little self-massage to enhance absorption and start stimulation.”

The vegan, paraben-free, Glycerin-free, and L-Arginine-free formula is infused with natural extracts and herbal remedies that are centuries old and backed up by scientific research. Awaken is safe for use with toys and latex and is pH balanced.

“Upon application, Awaken starts out cool then begins to warm and finally a fullness and plumping effect can be felt,” Smith says. “The sensation lasts about 15 to 20 minutes, while adding more will increase the intensity of sensation and longevity.”

“We’re very pleased with the overwhelming positive reception Awaken received at ANME,” said Wicked Sensual Care Marketing Director Cassie Pendleton. “It’s a great feeling whenever retail buyers are genuinely excited to stock a product for their customers. Creating an effective product from natural sources was a challenge that we gladly took on, and the result is the an amazing product meeting the market demand for improved female arousal and orgasms.”

For more information, visit WickedSensualCare.com.