Photographer Ames Bex to Sponsor Transgender Erotica Awards

LOS ANGELES — NYC-based photographer Ames Bex is returning as a sponsor of the upcoming Transgender Erotica Awards to be held in Hollywood, California.

Bex is currently nominated for Best Photographer and is a two-time sponsor of the event.

“Working so close and intimately with many different people in the trans community has helped me feel comfortable in my own skin and eased my own gender transition during the past year,” Bex said.

Bex directed Michelle Austin’s “Trans Man Adventures 2” as well as parts of “50 Shades of a Tranny.”

In June 2015, Bex had his first solo exhibition at the Chelsea Eye Gallery in Manhattan curated by Tracy Von- Becker Legge called “Gorge." The series is a photo journey about food and obsession.