Mick Blue Performs 'Unique' DP Scene

VENICE, Calif. — Mick Blue announced that he appears in a new scene for Evil Angel's BAM Visions studio where he DPs Roxy Ray with his cock and balls.

In the movie titled "Anal Pros," set for a March release, Blue said he bacame "a one-man DP machine."

“Jan. 8, 2016 May be a day remembered in the history of porn as the #ballsinthebuttdp day,” Blue said. “I was shooting an anal scene with Roxy Ray and midway I got in my mind that I would love to try to put my balls inside of her butthole and try to penetrate her that way.

Anikka always said how cool it would be to get DPed by one man with his dick and balls. Roxy was up for it when I suggested it, so we gave it a try. Once the balls were inside it felt super interesting. It felt really good because she was squeezing her butthole, so it was literally holding onto my balls. Once that worked I had to put my dick in her vagina first and than I put the balls inside her butthole and the DP was on. I felt like Neil Armstrong, stepping onto the moon for the first time in human history. In my case, I DPed a super hot woman with my own dick and balls. It was a day I will never forget.”