Ela Darling on XBIZ Show VR Panel

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Ela Darling is set to take part in the "VR Porn: Technologies, Solutions & Realities" panel at the XBIZ Show on Jan. 14 at 1 p.m.

Darling said she was one of the early adopters of the emerging technology. Her website, VRTube.xxx, claims a history of firsts including the first company to produce pornographic VR holograms, as well as the first company to offer users the opportunity to explore a live webcam experience in virtual reality.

She noted that her team is on the verge of releasing their latest product, a VR 3D 360 live cam experience where users can witness live adult webcam performances in a VR representation of the performer’s actual bedroom.

“I’ve been working in the VR field for almost two years now, and in that time I’ve had the opportunity to create every sort of pornography I could dream of creating for VR," Darling said. "3D videos, 360 3D experiences, holograms, a dating simulator, and more. The most compelling adult experience I’ve had in VR to date is the feeling of sitting in a performer’s bedroom for her while we talk and seduce each other in real time from the comfort of my VR headset. In terms of immersion and intimacy, this experience is groundbreaking.”