Charlotte Stokely, JackTheZipper on 'Faster Babylon' Podcast

CHATSWORTH, Calif — Performer Charlotte Stokely  sat down with director JackTheZipper for the  New Year’s episode of the “Faster Babylon" podcast.

Stokely has worked with the director in ”Blacklight Beauty” as well as their latest collaboration, an experimental hardcore web series, called “Taste the Magic.”

The pair spilled secrets behind making a new film, and traded stories from a fast decade of hardcore.

“Charlotte Stokely is one of the essential sex symbols,” Jack said. “She’s a wiseass with good taaste in fruit, and has the best combat boots. The goddess who fell to earth."

“Zipper ‘s camera recycles my soul. This podcast is great. Follow the bunny,” Stokely said.

“Taste the Magic” is available to stream on the JacktheZipper video platform at

The entire podcast can be heard at