XBIZ 2016: VR Panel Looks at Current Solutions, Realities

XBIZ 2016: VR Panel Looks at Current Solutions, Realities
Rhett Pardon

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Four virtual reality experts offered to 2016 XBIZ Show attendees on Thursday what to expect with the new format as the technology seeks out an allegiance with porn fans.

Anna Lee of HoloFilm, Ela Darling of VRTube.xxx, Fabian Grey of AliceX and Todd Glider of Badoink gave keen insights on VR porn production and what works and what doesn’t with the format.

At the workshop titled “VR Porn: Technologies, Solutions and Realities,” panelists agreed that performers, while excited to embrace the new space in porn, all need to be trained on a VR set because the format changes the game with 360- and 180-degree shots.

“It is a very different experience for the women and particularly for the men for the POV shoots,” Glider said. “They can’t move. They are lying there prostate, and they can’t reach up and show how they are feeling.

“They literally have to be stiff as a board and not move very much at all,” he said. “And the woman is calling the shots, and even for her she can’t get too close, but it’s good to get close. And she can’t go too far to the left or right. It’s not like regular porn shoots.”

Grey, whose AliceX is currently in beta testing in preparation of a February launch in the Android format and later with Apple iOS and Oculus Rift, agreed.

“I think there is also a sweet spot with the distance,” Grey said. “You can’t go too far away or too close. It can be very weird for the user if [that isn’t taken in consideration.”

The best experience, Glider said, is when the focus of the shoot is on eye contact.

“It is hugely important when the performer is in to it and knows the power of the medium,” he said.

The cams space holds great possibilities for the VR format, and AliceX and VRTube.xxx are placing bets on that sector.

“Cams is the perfect service for VR because it creates an additional layer of immersiveness being there with the girl you like,” Grey said. “Your virtual girl is a meter away from you, and you can reach out to her.”

But whether it is cams or recorded content, the panelists agreed that the future of porn is in VR, and that mainstream companies are looking for adult, again, to lead the way.

“Porn will [initially] drive all VR sales,” Darling said. “Many mainstream companies are looking at porn to help drive the medium.

“It is funny that mainstream is looking to porn to fuel the format’s start, but the fact is that mainstream doesn’t have a lot of content, and they are looking at us.”

“Porn is leading the charge for virtual reality,” Glider said. “With VR, you have basically a captured audience. In general, consumers are very excited about the format.”

Lee said: “It is exciting for the performers and the directors, too.”

“They are excited coming to work,” said Lee, whose HoloFilm productions is getting close to rolling out its own productions. “The more we shoot the more we learn. It is a different experience. And each day we learn new techniques to film in VR.”

Pictured: Anna Lee of HoloFilm, left, Ela Darling of VRTube.xxx, Fabian Grey of AliceX and Todd Glider of Badoink.