Mr. Skin Announces Key Acquisitions

Mr. Skin Announces Key Acquisitions
Stephen Yagielowicz

CHICAGO — Mr. Skin parent SK Intertainment has announced its expansion with the acquisition of two new sites, “What Would Tyler Durden Do” (WWTDD) and

According to Mr. Skin, WWTDD is one of the pioneer pop culture/celebrity blogs, launched along contemporaries such as Perez Hilton.

The site was acquired by Spin Media in 2008 as one of its premiere lifestyle properties and boasts an audience of several million media savvy males, age 18-49, many of whom view the site daily, and WWTDD articles are routinely excerpted for use in mainstream media outlets such as the N.Y. Times as well as The Howard Stern Show.

“WWTDD has been a daily read for us for so long now,” said SK President Sam Rakowski. “As huge fans, we’re excited to add the site and brand to our expanding network of celebrity and pop culture sites for the broad male audience [and] look forward to providing WWTDD the resources and attention it deserves to bring it even greater success.”

“I’m stoked to be working with the guys at SK,” says pop culture pundit Lex Jurgen, who will continue to lead the site’s writing team. “It’s great to join a team that really understands and appreciates content.”

In a separate move, SK has also acquired, the popular offshoot of the successful “Last Men on Earth” podcast. After only six months in operation the site has gained an audience of more than 500,000 unique visitors and is growing steadily thanks to humorous topical stories and galleries on the day’s events.

The Mr. Skin empire began when Jim McBride turned his love of naked actresses into a multi-million dollar empire with more than 9 million movie/TV fans flocking to his website monthly. After 16 years in the business of birthday suits, is reportedly the world’s largest database for celebrity nudity, with clips and photos of more than 24,000 actresses baring it all on screen.

“Together with WWTDD, SK Intertainment continues to build upon its successful brands and dedicated large audience in the male demographic space including the cultural icon, Mr. Skin,” Rakowski added.

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