Rogan Richards Launches Personal Website

LOS ANGELES — Gay performer Rogan Richards has launched his official personal website,

The fan site fetaures a collection of personal XXX films, photo galleries, and workout videos.

Partner Andrew Kunkel, owner of said, “I remember seeing Rogan post on social media about looking for a new web developer while I was promoting and decided to offer to partner with him on this project."

The site also includes a membership section with personal blog, a question area, and store with used clothing and eventually other merchandise and personal items.

“This website allows me to give back to the industry that created me, and that I am proud to be a part of the porn industry,” Richards said. “I get to show my fans the real sex machine that I am — there’s no script or acting here. It allows me to take my bodybuilding to the next level with my own online coaching (in development) and most importantly allows me to showcase my passion in photography, film, performance and editing. It allows me to be me 100 percent full throttle.”

Affiliates can sign on at