CB-X Male Chastity to Debut 'Gold Edition' at ANME

LAS VEGAS — A.L. Enterprises will be introducing a new shortened version pf the CB-X Male Chastity device called the Gold Edition CB-6000S at the ANME Founders show.

"Men and their keyholders have been writing to us since we started shipping the traditionally sized CB-6000 Gold last summer, asking for a shorter version, to fit their 'sissy' lifestyle," explained Nikki Yates, corporate director of A.L. Enterprises. "We are always amazed by the feedback we get from real users and encourage it. Let us know what you want, and we will keep leading the pack when it comes to travel friendly, designer male chastity choices."

The company said The Gold Edition will solve a problem for men facing the dilemma of wanting to feel special, while knowing they are a useless kept man or sissy. Like all devices in the CB-X collection, the CB-6000S Gold is made of high-quality

"This is a device for men who make good money, yet drive through a fast food restaurant after a hard day at work and hope to be degraded," continued Yates. “Feel like a million bucks and know you are both worthless and kept at the same time."

The shortened models of the CB-X Male Chastity device designer range began shipping in 2013, filling a hole in the market for the less endowed. Like all devices in the collection, the CB-6000S Gold comes with all the bells and whistles needed to fit varying body types, a standard metal lock as well as plastic travel locks.

Pre-orders for the device are now being accepted.