TrafficHaus Launches ReviveAds Ad Block Prevention Tool

TrafficHaus Launches ReviveAds Ad Block Prevention Tool
Alejandro Freixes

SAN DIEGO — TrafficHaus has launched, an ad block prevention tool featuring a real-time bidding system for a comprehensive solution to ad block revenue loss.

With ad block use growing at an estimated 45 percent per month, offers a workaround aimed at maximizing ad revenue while increasing click-throughs, impressions and international visibility. allows clients to bypass ad blockers without disrupting current revenue streams and regains online businesses’ access to more than 150 million ad block users with a 1-step integration. With multiple levels of circumvention to choose from, TrafficHaus says clients can watch their ads reappear and click-through rates rise, recovering lost revenue.

“ is owned and operated by a unique team of veteran publication owners and advertising pioneers that developed this software to combine seamless ad block prevention with a real-time ad delivery platform,” TrafficHaus CEO Mark Bauman said. “ provides website publishers with four key services: detection and awareness, proprietary ad delivery, access to eager advertisers and access to ad block enabled content.

"And because we own our own technology and develop it in-house, boasts stronger, more reactive technology and monetizes it better than any other company in this realm,” he added.

ReviveAds conforms to the Acceptable Advertising standard while approaching the growing issue of rising ad block use by removing barriers and regaining revenue for publications. The solution is compatible with ad block add-ons from popular browsers, including Google Chrome’s ad blocker that now comes standard with every software update.

“Our mission is simple: revive lost revenue and revive our clients’ sites’ ability to operate through better monetization,” TrafficHaus Director of Sales Jake G. said. “Revive Ads is versatile with a tiered system of protection and integrations to maximize profits, ranging from simple to ultra-aggressive. And we work directly with each client’s account to test and confirm that campaigns are functioning at optimal visibility and that we’re taking advantage of all profit-boosting opportunities and avenues.”

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