Raging Stallion Streets 'Labyrinth'

Raging Stallion Streets 'Labyrinth'
Alejandro Freixes

SAN FRANCISCO — Falcon Studios Group has released Raging Stallion’s mythical "Labyrinth," from award-winning director Steve Cruz.

"Labyrinth" takes place in a seemingly endless maze, illuminated by a red glow, as men seek each other out amidst visions of a minotaur.

It features A-Team exclusives Sean Zevran and Dorian Ferro, as well as Chris Harder and Michael Thomas.

"Raging Stallion has a history of making a classic black box studio movies each year… this year I teamed up with the Slick It Up designers to give our classic a definitive edge,” Cruz said.

“Inspired by mythology, the ‘Labyrinth’ is a fantastic sexual space that's mysterious — sometimes dark, sometimes beautiful but always filthy hot," he added.

“With the release of ‘Labyrinth,’ award-winning director Steve Cruz has definitely started Raging Stallion’s year off with a bang,” said Tim Valenti, Falcon Studios Group President.

“From the intense and ethereal visual elements, to the hardcore sex, ‘Labyrinth’ will definitely get fans deep into this hot Raging Stallion action,” he continued.

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