Lux Fetish Bed Spreader Tops Holiday Sales

NEW YORK — ElectricDistro announced that the Lux Fetish Bed Spreader topped sales charts this holiday season and was a bestseller throughout 2015.
The product features soft neoprene wrist and ankle cuffs and straps that can be tucked away easily for discrete storage, turning a couple's bedroom into their own private dungeon.
“In 2015, bondage play reached its tipping point with mainstream consumers worldwide becoming obsessed with BDSM thanks to the release of the ‘Fifty Shades’ movie,” an rep said. “The Lux Fetish Bed Spreader is an easy choice for those new to BDSM and for those who are experienced, this positioning tool is a bondage staple. While saw sales soar across the board for all Lux Fetish branded items, the Bed Spreader definitely stands out as one of the year’s top seller.”
The easy-to-use wrist and ankle restraints comfortably spread a partner’s arms and legs, keeping them in place for erotic play that can involve a variety of scenarios. The restraints are adjustable to get in the perfect position securely and safely.
The Lux Fetish range comes in practical packaging that showcases how the products are used. Wholesale prices for the Lux Fetish line start at $3.25 for BDSM accessories such as love masks, bondage rope and nipple clamps. With the exception of the Fantasy Swing Stand and Fantasy Swing ($185, $69.99 respectively, wholesale), all Lux Fetish products are all priced below $20.99.
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