Tanya Tate Showcased in France's Comic Box Magazine

Tanya Tate Showcased in France's Comic Box Magazine
Alejandro Freixes

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Cosplayer and adult star Tanya Tate is featured in the French magazine Comic Box, as well as Fiesta magazine's Sexpo U.K. coverage.

Tate has garnered mainstream attention in the past for her "geeky" hobbies, which include cosplaying and reviewing comic books. French publication Comic Box covers all facets of pop-culture and took an interest in Tate.

The performer discussed her status as a professional cosplayer and also touched on topics like feminine protests in "geekdom," the portrayal of women in comics and the negative effects of social media 'outrage.'

“I didn’t want to give safe or non-committal answers,” Tate said. “I would be doing a disservice to myself and the fans that have supported me as a cosplayer and geek. So, in addition to talking about my love of the hobby, when asked, I gave my opinion on topics that some may consider controversial.”

When Comic Box asked about her aversion to "half-naked costumes," Tate explained, "You’re right I don’t dress half-naked. Because there are families and little children around that I feel it’s inappropriate to have my butt cheeks hanging out. I do like to have fun and make my costumes a bit sexy, but I don’t cross a certain line. Ironically, the 'pornstar' is usually wearing more clothes than some other cosplayers."
"Recently there have been a wave of feminist protests that comic book heroines are built or dressed like pornstars," Comic Box remarked to Tate. "You're the exact reverse, being a porn actress dressing like comic book heroines."
Tate replied, "I think that these people who are organizing these protests are doing it more for their own gain and don’t really care about what comic book heroines look like. They have their own agendas. Super hero males are built like gods with rippling muscles that you can see through their costumes, but complaining about that won’t get the website 'clicks.' Complaining about a sexy woman gets in the news."
When asked about her thoughts on how women are portrayed in comics and geek culture, Tate explained, "Generally, I don’t have a problem with it. In the last 20 years there have been a lot of strong females characters in comics and geekdom. I think people just like to 'outrage' for the sake of doing it. It’s really gotten to the point of ridiculousness. If people don’t get their way, they come up with a hashtag and complain on social media. Yes, there are some portrayals that are questionable. But that goes for males and females."

While Comic Box is a French magazine, copies may be available at international newsstands. More information on Comic Box can be found on the magazine’s official website at ComicBox.com

Fiesta magazine’s upcoming issue also features Tate. Hitting newsstands in England on Jan. 7, Fiesta’s coverage of the Sexpo U.K. convention features the performer in the images of a two-page spread.

“I had a lot of fun at Sexpo U.K. and I'm happy that the lads from Fiesta were there to get pictures of it,” she said. “There’s me and my Fleshlight, with Lindsey Dawn McKenzie, Leigh Darby and loads more. You really get a sense of the excitement that was to be had.”

For more information on Fiesta magazine's Sexpo U.K. coverage, visit their official Twitter at Twitter.com/Fiesta_magazine.

For more on Tate, visit her network by going to TanyaTate.com, JustALottaTanya.com and TanyaTateStore.com. Tate is self-represented and can be booked directly at BookTanya.com