SHE L.A. Preview: Dr. Hernando Chaves Reveals 10 Steps to Pleasure

SHE L.A. Preview: Dr. Hernando Chaves Reveals 10 Steps to Pleasure
Bob Johnson

LOS ANGELES — Attendees at the upcoming Sexual Health Expo (SHE) in Los Angeles on Jan. 16-17 will no doubt be flocking to Dr. Hernando Chaves’ talk on “Enhancing Male Pleasure in 10 Easy Steps,” presented by show Sex Ed Sponsor The Pleasure Chest.

The licensed marriage and family therapist, professor of human sexuality, and sex educator, is a specialist in common sex concerns whose enlightening workshop will help unlock the simple steps to better sex, intimacy and pleasure.

From fantasies and sex toys to communication and relationship needs, the keys to enhancing pleasure is at everyone’s fingertips, Chaves said. His unique SHE presentation will focus how people can be taught  to be comfortable with themselves, with a partner, and  the steps and skills to creating sex and relational bliss. The sexpert said most folks were never given a manual on making love,  a class on being a better partner, or given permission to explore their bodies and finding undiscovered erogenous zones. ”We are left to discovering these answers on our own, through trial and error, misinformation, or we stop asking the questions,” Chaves said.

Teaching human sexuality courses at Orange Coast College, a contributing author to the “International Encyclopedia of Human Sexuality,” and contributor to Penthouse magazine’s “Sex Academy,” Chaves is well equipped to impart such critical and timely information to SHE’s guests. He noted that he is excited to be part of the ongoing show geared specifically to educating knowledge hungry consumers.

“With a stellar lineup of educators and a wide variety of sponsors, SHE L.A. will continue to reach the mainstream public and expose them to the world of pleasure products and cutting edge sex education,” Chaves said.

Tickets to the show are now on sale, courtesy of Registration Sponsor We-Vibe. For more information, visit