South Korea to Block Foreign Adult Sites

Michael Hayes
SEOUL — As part of its ongoing campaign against Internet pornography, the South Korean government has drawn up plans to block foreign websites that feature adult content.

The Ministry of Information, which handles Internet and telecommunications affairs for the nation, said it would block a total of 180 foreign websites by May and plans to ban access to other sites by the end of the year. The Ministry of Information said it would accomplish its blockade on Internet porn by working with local Internet service providers to identify and block offending websites.

According to South Korean officials, the Ministry of Information has already succeeded in blocking more than 200 adult websites. Most of the websites are believed to be U.S.-based operations.

The Ministry also said it plans to increase punishments for Internet users and domestic websites that post pornographic material.

The crackdown comes after a recent incident that saw pornographic videos posted on a major national Internet portal. The incident raised concerns that minors could access adult content online.