XR Brands Debuts Night Stick & Hammer Sex Tool

XR Brands Debuts Night Stick & Hammer Sex Tool
Ariana Rodriguez

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — XR Brands has officially unveiled the Tom of Finland Night Stick and Hammer, a powerful vibrating sex tool with interchangeable silicone heads.

The Tom of Finland Night Stick and Hammer is a stick-shaped stimulator equipped with two solid heads for unique sensations, each made of smooth and body-safe silicone in a matte grey color. The Night Stick head is cylindrical and features firm ribbing for teasing foreplay and insertion while the Hammer head features the telltale face and claw of the classic construction tool that can apply firm pressure and titillating vibration.

The interchangeable vibrating pleasure system offers 12 functions and is made entirely of body-safe materials, including a pure silicone that offers rigidity for hardcore players.

“The Tom of Finland Night Stick and Hammer has been one of our most anticipated new releases and we’re so excited to finally ship this very special stimulator to our customers,” said Rebecca Weinberg, XR Brands director of sales and marketing. “As with every item in the Tom of Finland Pleasure Tools collection, this unique design was created with the support of and endorsement from the Tom of Finland Foundation to assure it falls in line with the historic artist’s erotic integrity. There’s literally nothing like this out there and we’re proud to officially introduce the Tom of Finland Night Stick and Hammer to the industry.”

According to the company, the night stick and hammer shapes were two of many recurring props found in of Tom of Finland’s work, which featured characters in hyper-masculine cultural roles, including construction workers, police officers and other hardcore authority figures.

“Tom of Finland’s body of work epitomized the ultimate Tom of Finland man: hyper-masculine, proudly uninhibited, sexually free, and incredibly skilled,” Weinberg said. “We know the Night Stick and Hammer will be enjoyed by Tom of Finland fans from around the world in ways we can only imagine. And we love that!”

To place an order to learn more about Tom of Finland Pleasure Tools, email sales@xrbrands.com.