'Inside the Ladies ROOM' Podcast Makes Debut

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — TransGlobal Magazine has added a new podcast  — “Inside the Ladies ROOM.”

The online magazine for the transgender community’s show is hosted by humorists Sonya Saturday and Michelle LaBelle. 

“Inside the Ladies ROOM” celebrates being transgender in the modern world," hosts Sonya and Michelle say. "We'll be discussing life, love, and everything in between."

The first episode has the co-hosts getting to know each other, while educating listeners on a variety of topics, such as what it is like to be "genderfluid."

“It’s a lot like ‘The View’ for trangenders,” says Venus Lux, CEO of TransGlobal Magazine. “We are proud to have Sonya and Michelle, two wonderful, hilarious talk show hosts, as part of our TransGlobal Podcast network.”

Founded by Venus Lux, TransGlobal Magazine is a resource for all things specific to the transgender community. Through the magazine, podcasts, videos, events, social media and more, the goal of Transglobal Magazine is to nurture transgender voices around the world as an independent entertainment company. 

"Inside the Ladies ROOM" joins established podcasts like "The Venus Lux Show" and "Transparent as a TransParent" in the lineup. All shows on the TransGlobal Podcast Network can be heard here, as well as on iTunes,

For more lineup information, visit TransGlobalMagazine.com  or on Twitter — @transglobalmag.