SphereSpecs VR Headset Now Available at Eropartner Distribution

SphereSpecs VR Headset Now Available at Eropartner Distribution
Alejandro Freixes

LOS ANGELES — Eropartner Distribution has announced its partnership with SphereSpecs to bring their virtual reality headset to Europe.

Made for smartphones, the SphereSpecs headset can be used for VR content from adult and mainstream studios and production companies.

"With SphereSpecs you can experience the awesome feeling of diving inside a movie or picture and really being inside there," reads the product description.

"You can see all around you, just like in real life. Take a five minute break and visit your favorite city or take a walk on the (virtual) beach," it adds. "SphereSpecs makes the perfect gift for the Christmas season or for Valentine’s Day. The competitive price point of SphereSpecs makes the headset an excellent beginner's model."

SphereSpecs is compatible with Android and iOS, as well as 4.7 to 6-inch smartphones. It will retail for €34.95 ($37.90) and is exclusively available through Eropartner Distribution.

For further information on SphereSpecs, visit their official website at SphereSpecs.com or contact the Eropartner Distribution sales department via email at info@eropartner.com. For further information on Eropartner Distribution, visit their official website at Eropartner.com.