JuicyAds Debuts 'Hourly Targeting,' 'Traffic Throttle'

JuicyAds Debuts 'Hourly Targeting,' 'Traffic Throttle'
Rhett Pardon

TORONTO — JuicyAds announced today that it has rolled out two new tools — “Hourly Targeting” and "Traffic Throttle" — on the ad network.

Hourly Targeting, also known as "Pay Parting," allows advertisers to target the traffic by time of day. The feature is available on banner campaigns and allows all other Juicy Ads targeting features to be used at one time, on either networkwide  blacklist or website-specific whitelist campaigns. It is currently in closed beta on mobile redirect and popunder campaigns and is available by request.

"Combined with our other available targeting features, and soon to be officially released additional targeting features, this gives our advertisers additional great options for higher ROI returns," said Juicy Jay, founder and CEO of JuicyAds, which is considered as one of the top 10 largest advertising networks in the world.

"In the past several months, we have added many different targeting options and given the tools to our advertisers to take the piece of the pie that is the most delicious for them,” Jay said. “We are giving our advertisers exactly what they want, from the websites they want."

Jay said the applications for hourly targeting are endless. On example, he said, is when a North American webcam studio wants to buy advertising and traffic only when they have a lot of models online — allowing more choice and higher potential for conversions. 

For those looking to take advantage of dedicated hosted servers, it’s possible to buy traffic during times of the day when server load is low, allowing the full capitalization of expensive hardware, Jay said.

JuicyAds also has added its new Traffic Throttle feature, which offers advertisers smooth banner traffic delivery. The unique feature allows clients to dial-up or dial-down traffic delivery rates to either deliver "full throttle" as quickly as possible, or to slow the delivery of traffic if desired, Jay said. 

Jay noted the default setting has always been for fast delivery, but the feature is handy for clients looking for delivery over the full day instead from its large variety of publishers.

These new features join the advertising networks' existing options including the ability to target by country, niche, specific website, Alexa rating and its proprietary “SexyTechnology” feature, which for the past year, Jay said, has been giving JuicyAds clients a distinct advantage over other networks.

The SexyTechnology feature has been shown to improve engagement and traffic quality and automatically optimizes advertiser campaigns and has been privately active for select campaigns since December 2014.

JuicyAds, winner of three XBIZ Awards for Traffic Service Company of the Year, is an advertising network delivering traffic through banner ads, popunders and mobile redirects. The network's self-serve platform and managed account services are available at JuicyAds.com.