AEBN, PornGuardian Announce Exclusive Partnership

AEBN, PornGuardian Announce Exclusive Partnership
Alejandro Freixes

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — AEBN and PornGuardian have announced their exclusive partnership to help AEBN content partners protect their assets from piracy.

Through this partnership, both companies have integrated technologies that use a proprietary digital fingerprinting process to help identify and keep unauthorized content off of 14 high-traffic tube sites, their associated white label and subsidiary sites and file sharing sites.

This service is complimentary to all AEBN content partners as an extension of AEBN's commitment to addressing piracy issues in the adult industry.

"Our content team has spent the last few years fostering our content partner relationships more than ever, listening to our partners' ongoing challenges within the industry," AEBN Sales Manager Matt Gleason said.

"The biggest concern has been piracy: how do we slow it down or stop it?" he continued. "Some partners don't have the manpower, resources or time to consistently stay on top of tracking down unauthorized content and going through the process of submitting DMCA notices.

"We have taken this concern and spent the last year developing and implementing processes to help AEBN content partners address these issues through piracy protection with PornGuardian, an industry leader in piracy protection," added Gleason. "Now fully implemented, this will take a huge burden off our content partners, knowing their content is being protected and allowing them to focus on producing top-selling content."

A digital fingerprint will help identify unauthorized content obtained from virtually any source, including DVD rips, screen captures, pay-site streams and download shares. PornGuardian’s system can identify any unauthorized distribution of a fingerprinted asset, even if it's been edited to short form or transformed to different formats. AEBN is able to fingerprint titles already in its catalog, and newly released content will be fingerprinted as part of an inline process when it is ingested.

With AEBN streaming content from over 2,700 studios, the company will roll out piracy protection in phases. All content partners will be contacted to verify that they want their content digitally fingerprinted. Once authorized, AEBN will establish a free PornGuardian account for the content partner. If a partner already uses PornGuardian services, AEBN will add them to the workflow and perform the fingerprinting and uploading processes for them.

"I’m extremely pleased with Dominic in what he and his team have developed over the last few years," Gleason said. "They work extremely hard battling piracy for everyone in the industry. He’s a content producer himself, fully aware and understands the struggles we all face daily. Offering this type of protection to our content partners for free is unheard of by any company today. This backs our commitment to our partners and to the future of our industry, which I’m extremely proud of."

"AEBN has shown a lot of thought leadership and a strong desire to curb piracy on behalf of its content partners," said Dominic Ford of PornGuardian. "We have no doubt that through our combined efforts we will help a large portion of the industry with their piracy problems. We couldn’t imagine a better partner to help us in this fight."

AEBN will be the exclusive VOD company to team up with PornGuardian and extend this opportunity to its content partners free of charge.

"Helping our partners maintain control over the distribution and monetization of their assets is something we take very seriously," Gleason added. "We value all of our content partners and we continue to be committed to promoting their longevity and continued success."

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