Dreamgirl Launches New 'Auto Pop' Display

Dreamgirl Launches New 'Auto Pop' Display
Ariana Rodriguez

LOS ANGELES — Dreamgirl International has launched a new point-of-sale display called “Auto Pop” to expand its range of Dreamgirl-branded in-store material.

Alongside traditional posters, interchangeable magnetic blade graphics for slat and peg walls, and spinner racks that showcase Dreamgirl’s packaged Diamond lingerie products, the Auto Pops made their inaugural debut in the POS section of the 2016-2017 Dreamgirl Collection catalog.

The elliptical-shaped Auto Pop cardboard displays stand at 6’2” tall and less than 2’ wide “to allow for an impactful presentation without compromising space within the shrinking footprint of brick and mortar stores,” the company said.

The three-dimensional displays are sturdy and easy to assemble. The Auto Pops fold down to lightweight packs that are easy to store and to distribute.

“Our goal with the Auto Pops was to give our retailers a creative, lightweight, and visually impactful way to showcase our brand and to drive incremental sales,” said Lar Hovsepian, director of marketing for DG Brands. “We anticipate a high level of excitement and compliance at the store level due to the ease of assembly and the gorgeous, glossy life-size imagery!”