Casey Calvert Offers ‘BDSM: From Reel to Real’ Seminar at Stockroom

Casey Calvert Offers ‘BDSM: From Reel to Real’ Seminar at Stockroom
Alejandro Freixes

LOS ANGELES — Tickets are now on sale for “BDSM: From Reel to Real,” a seminar hosted by adult film star Casey Calvert on Jan. 16.

In the seminar, Calvert will present a look at BDSM/fetish sex on-and-off an adult set. Scheduled for the conclusion of the XBIZ 2016 events series, the seminar will take place from 1-4 p.m. (PST) at Stockroom University in Los Angeles.

“Thank you so much to Stockroom University for hosting my seminar on sex, adult movies and BDSM,” said Casey Calvert, the official "BDSM and Fetish Expert" for “I’m excited to teach the seminar, so I can help people realize the real-life versions of their favorite BDSM scenes. I can’t think of a better forum for this class than the Stockroom.”

The seminar is open to the general public, as well as all local media. Additionally, attendees of XBIZ 2016, which concludes Jan. 15, are invited to hear the award-winning performer discuss the juxtaposition of fetish fantasies on-and-off set, while presenting a comprehensive look at the BDSM/fetish lifestyle.

“Just three short years ago, I met Miss Calvert for the first time at a trendy downtown restaurant,” stated Hudsy Hawn, head mistress at the Stockroom. “Practically overnight, Casey has become the Porn World’s new ‘IT’ girl; an adult industry starlet setting a new higher standard. As smart as she is sexy, Casey educates as she titillates! In the spirit of XBIZ week, join the discussion, as Stockroom University gives you a tour into Miss Calvert’s naughty world.”

“BDSM: From Reel to Real” will include an introductory presentation on how Calvert herself was attracted to the lifestyle, which led to a successful career in the adult industry as the leading BDSM/fetish performer. Calvert’s seminar will also feature demonstrations of fetish positions that look great on video, but are perhaps difficult to replicate, as well as a discussion on the paperwork and consent forms needed on set.

Other topics include the editing process to create the fantasy of fetish sex and the safety and preparation protocols needed on each production. The seminar will conclude with a question-and-answer session with frank discussions of sex and the BDSM/fetish lifestyle.

Calvert also educates on the topics of BDSM and fetishes through live appearances around the country, such as speaking to university students at UCLA, USC and Chapman. Additionally, adult e-tail site enlists her services as its official "BDSM & Fetish Expert." For more information, visit or

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