Pure Play Media, Desperate Pleasures Offer 'Daddy's Favorites 2' Collection

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Pure Play Media and Desperate Pleasures have released “Daddy’s Favorites 2,” a 2-disc collection of the studio’s taboo tales, directed by JW Ties.

“The ‘Daddy’s Favorite’ series is my pick of our best scenes, based on chemistry, hardcore action and of course the sexiest ‘Daughters’ available,” said JW Ties, founder of Desperate Pleasures.’

“’Daddy’s Favorites 2’ is our 100th release, so I added a bit of extras — including Shelby Paige’s full 1st anal, Kaisey Dean and Taylor Raz's very first scenes and one of my all-time-favorite first-time creampies with Giaoni Whiley,” added Ties. 

“When Pure Play accepted our first titles, ‘Taboo Diaries’ and ‘Deflower Me Daddy,’ I never imagined getting to 100 titles in our first 18 months," continued Ties. "We're thankful to all the people who made this possible — supporters and fans alike. I assure you, if you like where we started, you'll love where we're going with our next 100 releases!”

“Desperate Pleasures’ taboo family relations releases are some of the most sought-after in the genre,” said Michael L., sales representative for Pure Play Media. “We’re happy to have introduced their films to customers, who have all turned into dedicated, loyal fans, and we congratulate JW and his team for putting out a staggering one hundred releases in such a short amount of time. It’s a testament to their love of porn, and honestly, to how twisted this family truly is. We look forward to what they’ll deliver next.”

To view the box cover, cast list and synopsis for “Daddy’s Favorites 2,” click here. Retailers interested in stocking “Daddy’s Favorites 2” can email Michael at Mike@pureplaymedia.com or call (954) 903-3347 ext. 2224.

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