ADAMO Offers December Promo

SAREJEVO, Bosnia — ADAMO is offering a special promotion that promises an iPhone6s to the top winner.

From now through Dec. 31, every publisher who sends at least 35,000 views daily will be eligible to win the phone, according to company founder and CEO Judy Shalom

“Just point all your pop and redirect carrier traffic to ADAMO and watch your revenue grow,” she said. “The publisher who sends the most views during the specified period will win the phone — and receive the best payouts in the industry for all your mobile traffic.

"We're very proud to say that we have the best payouts in the industry. Our advertisers pay very well. For this promotion, we’re looking for only carrier traffic — not Wi-Fi — so send us everything you’ve got, and we’ll turn it into gold for you."

As for advertisers, in addition to receiving the best traffic available, every advertiser in the company’s network will receive a December bonus based on the size of their deposit.

ADAMO, headquartered in Bosnia, says it delivers more than a half-billion ad views daily and employs 15 full-time staff members in three international offices.