Alexis Texas’ Startup ‘Blond Panda’ Announces Plans for 2016

LOS ANGELES — Alexis Texas’ startup company,, is reporting success since its launch, along with its plans for the New Year.

“We are the industry’s only true direct-to-fan platform,” says Blond Panda Co-Founder Anthony Mancini. “While others offer the ability for fans to buy tokens or credits to receive photos, texts, and phone calls from fans, our clients are able to engage fans via text messages directly on their personal phones. The performer can segment which incoming texts are from paying and non-paying fans.”

According to Mancini, Blond Panda turns an adult performer’s existing phone into a “SuperPhone” that automatically organizes fans by name, location, total amount spent, or social engagement, all in a real-time address book, allowing performers to have a direct relationship with their fans. The SuperPhone mobile app connects with a performer’s online storefront or website, allowing them to see the fans that have financially supported them.

“We like to pride ourselves on helping performers not have to rely so much on social networks [such as] Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to engage fans,” Mancini adds. “As engagement rates drop lower and lower on those platforms, we allow girls to have a direct line of communication with their fan base, which comes in handy when it comes time to alert everyone of new scenes or products available.”

For 2016, Blond Panda plans to expand from being able to funnel data from a merchandise store to being able to funnel data from a performer’s subscription site.

The company is also available to assist performers with social network marketing and support, graphic design and more.

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